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To effectively lose weight, this is not only a dream that most people have, it also is a nightmare that most people have as well! But don’t worry, there is hope!

In this article, I’m going to talk about 10 highly effective… but also very simple weight loss tips you can take action with… and get consistent and significant results… even if you have failed miserably before in the past!

AVOID Cutting Back Too Much On The “C” Word…

And yes, I’m talking about carbs!

Now, before your face gets stuck with the frown you are making right now, let me explain why it is important for you to NOT cut back too much on carbs…

You see, in order for your digestive system to run smoothly, and in order for your metabolism to run at a fast pace, your body needs a moderate amount of healthy carbs (fiber). If you go on diets that force you to significantly reduce carbs, chances are, you just might end up reducing healthy carbs as well.

Problems associated with reducing good carbs are digestive problems, a weaker metabolism, a lack of energy, headaches, stronger cravings, and more!

Having said all of that, you do however have to ensure that you decrease your intake of BAD carbs (which would be sugary foods and foods made with white flour).

AVOID Cutting Back Too Much On The “F” Word…

Okay, that sounded a little strange! I’m of course not referring to the curse word (lol)! What I am referring to however are fats.

And again, this is probably making you frown with confusion… but… by avoiding decreasing fats too much, you will in fact help your weight loss and fat loss efforts… plus you’ll improve your overall health!

How the heck is that possible?

Well, it’s possible if you get a good amount of healthy fats in your diet. Healthy fats (such as omega fatty acids and monounsaturated fats) will do wonders for you in regards to improving your heart health, helping your digestive system, providing you with natural energy, and so much more!

Do NOT Reduce Your Calorie Intake Too Much…

If you reduce your calorie intake too much, 2 things will end up happening…

1.) One, your metabolism will slow down to “protect you”… and that’s because your body senses that you are starving. When this happens, you’ll stop losing weight on a consistent basis!

2.) Second, when you reduce your calories too much, your body is only going to burn off the amount of calories you consume. So, if you are not eating that much… then you won’t lose as much as well!

The best thing to do is to just cut your calories by no more than a few hundred calories below your BMR (basal metabolic rate)… (which is the determining number of calories you need to eat to MAINTAIN your current weight).

Then what to do is rely on fitness and being active throughout the day to burn off the necessary calories you need to reach your goals.

Best Nutrient Ratios…

Now, I’m not going to get into exact scientific numbers here. But if you want to get amazing results, then what I recommend for you to do with the best nutrients for improving your health is to get A LOT of protein, a modest amount of fiber, a small percentage of healthy fats, a modest amount of fruits, and an unlimited amounts of vegetables.


If you want to get more energy, feel more healthier, get more healthier, improve your digestive system, stop feeling bloated, and of course… lose weight faster, then doing a cleanse is something I strongly recommend you consider.

Some of the most natural (and effective) ways to cleanse your body of harmful toxins and parasites (which could be responsible for several pounds of your body fat by the way), I recommend you drink more fresh water, get more foods and beverages high in antioxidants (such as dark green veggies and green tea) in your diet, and drinking organic apple cider vinegar.

If You Don’t Have A Lot Of Plate Space…

Then you won’t end up having a HUGE plate of food!

In other words, one of the simplest strategies for helping yourself control how much food you eat, is to simply start using smaller plates and bowls!

Now, besides the mental benefit of using smaller plates and bowls, there is also a physical benefit as well…

When you eat smaller meals, you help your metabolism and your digestive system!

By eating too much food at once, you run the risk of doing the exact opposite!

Keep On Eating…

That sounded like good news didn’t it?! Well, it is!


I of course don’t mean that you can eat to your heart’s content, I’m talking about taking the tip I mentioned above (eating smaller meals) and expanding on it to REALLY ignite your metabolism by eating those smaller meals… more often throughout the day.

When you eat, let’s say 4-6 smaller meals often during the day, your metabolism will skyrocket like crazy!

The Smaller The Goal…

The easier it will be for you to stick to it! In other words, it’s okay to make your primary goal (such as losing 25 pounds before such and such date), but don’t FOCUS on that goal during your journey. Focus on achieving smaller attainable goals… that will ultimately cause you to reach your primary goal.

Consistent Action Equals…

Consistent results! When you get started with your diet and exercise plan, stick to it… period. Not only will you be guaranteed to see (and feel) the results coming in, you will also protect your health given that jumping on and off diets can actually be bad for your health overall.

Stress And Anxiety…

Can not only keep you up at night… it can also hinder your weight loss progress as well (in so many ways).

In order to effectively drop those stubborn pounds, I highly recommend that you do natural methods for decreasing stress. Some of the things I recommend you do are breathing routines, simply going for a walk, and meditation.

Put those 10 simple tips into action today, and you can be in the best shape (and health) of your life in no time!


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