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10 Secrets To Jumpstart Weight Loss Motivation


Many people desire to have the body of their dreams, but the only thing they lack is the “motivation” to achieve said dream body.

They start losing interest after a certain point in time. They find themselves unable to continue what they’ve started. Some don’t even get started. They know exactly what to do for weight loss, but they aren’t really willing to do it.

So, how do you obtain motivation… and then STAY motivated?

Well, I have for you today, 10 weight loss motivation tips that can help you remain consistent and determined towards your weight loss goal!


  1. Look into the Mirror

This is the easiest motivational trick. When you gain weight, you usually avoid looking into the mirror. However, make it a habit to see yourself in the mirror every morning.

This mirror-exposure therapy will make you more concerned about your appearance and health. Be sure to use a full body mirror and truly take a long hard look at your appearance.

What’s great about doing this is not only will it give you the motivation necessary to get started, once you start making progress, and continue looking in the mirror, you’ll obviously see the changes being made, which will increase your motivation further!


  1. Record Your Progress

Make a weight loss chart. Write down how much you are losing each day. I strongly suggest first getting a high quality scale, and second, make sure the scale gives you a decimal number.

The reason a scale with a decimal number is recommended is so that even if you have not lost 1 full pound, chances are you may have lost .5 pounds or .8 pounds, etc. Seeing progress, any progress, is always motivating!


  1. Join a Group

Try to join a fitness class if you’re finding it difficult to stay consistent with fitness. When you see other people’s effort, you will be inspired and motivated. Also, being in a group holds you accountable as well, for things such as your progress, you showing up, etc.


  1. Set an Attainable & Realistic Goal

Setting a high goal that seems unachievable is futile. Set attainable and realistic goals. Think of what can really happen. Give your full effort to achieve it. Break down big goals into small milestones. How would you feel if the results go beyond expectations? You guessed it… sky-high motivation!


  1. Fat Loss is Like Earning Money

We don’t have anything when we first open our bank account. However, by putting in continuous effort, time, and energy towards work, our bank balance starts increasing.

The same is with fat loss.

At the start, you are not going to see massive results, but after putting in some hard work, dedication, and time, you’re going to start seeing the positive results adding up!


  1. Save Money by Reducing Weight

Money is a HUGE motivation. Obesity brings about many diseases like diabetes, etc. You’ll spend hundreds of dollars on medicines, equipment, and more, to control these diseases. So don’t you want to stay fit and healthy, and save your hard earned money?


  1. Visualize the Slim You

Use your imagination. Think of yourself as slim and sexy, walking with confidence and head up high, dressed up in your favorite outfit (that can only fit if you are slim), active and energetic. KEEP visualizing this everyday… and before you know it, your visions are now a reality!


  1. Expect Failures

Failures are natural for those trying to achieve a healthier body. They will come to you as well. You may have to face a time when instead of you losing weight, you may have gained weight.

DO NOT get disappointed.

Learn from your mistake (which is why it’s important to keep a journal), and then get up and continue with a new energy.


  1. Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

You’re only human! Sometimes temptations get the best of us.

For example, if you have eaten a cup of ice cream after dinner, it’s ok. If you just went crazy on a Holiday dinner after eating healthy all week, it’s ok!

Do not think negative and blame yourself for that. Blaming can negatively affect your motivation.

For starters, it’s okay to “take a break” once in awhile with dieting (better known as cheat meals). Second, if you have broken your diet, that DOES NOT mean you failed! Dust yourself off and keep at it!


  1. Appreciate Yourself

Be proud of yourself after every OUNCE you lose. Then, with every POUND you lose, give yourself a small reward (i.e. a nice little gift). And when you’ve reached your main goal, REALLY reward yourself (vacation, new clothes, etc.). It will also help if you know ahead of time what the rewards will be. That’s a great way to keep you pressing forward!

In Closing

Just always remember that improving your body is a journey… and it’s the journey that you need to focus on… not the destination. Perfect the journey… and your perfect body is coming soon!


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