SlimNow MD Medical Weight Loss Clinic is proud to have helped so many people lose weight. Don’t take our word for it; see what our past clients have to say.  Results may vary.


Cynthia – Lost 48 pounds



Connie – Lost 34 Pounds

Connie - Lost 34 pounds


Nancy – Lost 42 pounds



John – Lost 64 pounds



Liana – Lost 25 pounds



April – Lost 20 pounds



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Before connecting with Dr. Taeb at SlimNow MD, I was skeptical about the claims of supplements and overall diet regimen. However, being able to speak with a medical professional who shared the science and successes, I gave it a try, and I’m very glad I did. While the whole plan was more than just taking some pills to look my best, the doctor took the time and took my needs seriously enough to form a plan I could live with …and now I’ll not only live long, I’ll live 4 dress sizes smaller!

Margie, Fort Myers


 Frankly, I was the type of person much more likely to visit the deli next to the SlimNow MD office than to worry about my weight. I never felt that I had the time or inclination until my best friend got news at a checkup that he had diabetes.  So when I learned that the risks to diabetes could be reduced 1/3 to ½ depending upon age, I realized I didn’t have the time NOT to do something.  With the program, I’ve lost 57 pounds, and I feel great.

Five star

Christine, Naples


The body fat analysis I had at the start of my Platinum Package would be enough to have scared Paula Deen into becoming a vegetarian, and that wasn’t the worse news I faced during my intitial consultation.  However, after the program and the follow up, I’m happy to report my good cholesterol is up, my bad cholesterol is down into a normal range, and I’m on track to reach my target weight.

Five star

Debbie, Bonita Springs


Thank you, Slim Now! My husband’s doctor said the blood work results were “alarming” and my husband needed to lose real weight. The Slim Now program was a perfect alternative for us. Your office and wellness staff put my husband at ease.  I’ve become a walking billboard for the Slim Now program, having enrolled myself. People think I look 10 year younger just because I’m 42 pounds lighter.

Five star

Jessica, Estero


I have tried so many different programs but none were the right fit for me. I am finally successful, with no doubt that I will be using this method for the rest of my life. Thank you, Dr. Taeb.

Five star

Nancy, Naples


I’m the type who considers the idea of “DIET” to display its truth in the first three letters–DIE, but after working with Dr. Taeb, I’m moving in the right direction, and I have a completely new fear now.  At this pace, I’m going to be half the man I used to be!

Five star

Steven, Cape Coral


Dr. Taeb’s program helped me lose more than 30 pounds in less than 4 months! The weekly visits encouraged me to stay strong and stick with the program. The most beneficial aspect for me was learning the results of my blood-work. I never knew how borderline obese I was! Learning what foods to avoid and what habits to start the plan worked like a charm! Thanks Dr. Taeb!

Five star

April, Naples