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7 Easy Steps to Drop Excess Weight


Ahh… Mom’s turkey, Grandma’s sweet potato pie, holiday cookies, that delicious glazed ham, and so much more!

It’s such a wonderful thing sharing these amazing meals with loved ones… it’s just that over the course of the holiday season, the number showing up on the scale… is not so wonderful!

But, don’t fret, losing that excess holiday weight is possible.

As is the case with losing weight any other time of the year, intake of calories needs to be reduced, and more calories are required to be burned off.

BUT… there is something else that you need to know…

Most weight loss plans do not really give promised results, and it’s not because they don’t work, it’s because they just simply leave out other important steps that will help an individual achieve their desired results.

Down below I have for you 7 simple steps to include with proper dieting and consistent exercising. They are not at all difficult to follow and will easily find a home in your daily routine!


  1. Keep A Food Diary


Yes! Write down what you eat to lose weight. There is a psychological reason behind this tactic. If you keep records of what you are eating, you will be more conscious of what you’re eating, and end up eating less and even more healthier.


  1. Get A Mantra


Have you heard of the self-fulfilling prophecy… “If you focus on the fact that you can’t do something, and say it, you probably won’t be able to do it”?

Think and say you can’t get out for a daily walk or you can’t resist junk food… and you won’t.

On the other hand, if you are positive about something like ‘I will resist that sweet dessert after dinner’ or ‘I will go out for a morning as well as an evening walk’ and keep repeating it, not only will you find yourself doing it, you will find it easier to KEEP doing it!


  1. Make Water Your Best Friend


Surely, fruit juices and sodas can be more tempting when you are thirsty, but believe it, water is better… WAY better… like your body is made up of primarily water, better!

Sugary drinks have lots of calories, which are considered EMPTY calories because they do not provide any nutritional value like food (unless it’s a freshly made blended juice which has micronutrient nutritional value).

So therefore, your calorie consumption increases without much benefit.

Water is life… literally. If you don’t have it, you don’t live, or at best you end up with some serious health complications. That’s how important it is.

If you are finding it difficult to drink water consistently, which is only the case if you haven’t gotten used to drinking it a lot, then one simple recommendation I can give you is to add lemon and/or lime to your water. Not only will it give it flavor, lemon/lime water comes with a TON of added health benefits!


  1. Are You Truly Hungry?


It’s amazing how nervousness, frustration, or boredom have made us forget what hunger really is. We eat when we aren’t even hungry! Learn to relieve boredom and tame stress… without using food as the tool.

Also, it’s important to note that sometimes when you are feeling hunger pangs, it’s actually your body craving water. So, try drinking a large amount of water to see if your hunger decreases.


  1. Before You Indulge… Sniff!


Yes, that sounds silly, but sniffing an apple, a banana or peppermint when you’re hungry, really works. You’ll feel less hungry, eat less, and make more healthier food choices! You’ll also inadvertently lower stress levels as well!

That being said, make sure you are getting the right amount of calories your body needs. Starving yourself is NEVER a good thing… and in many cases, won’t even produce the results you think it would. However, if you have eaten enough, but are still hungry, try the “sniffing” trick!


  1. Eat in Front of the Mirror


That will straight away slash the amount you eat by one-third. Looking back at yourself will be a reminder of your goal and that will surely make you eat less.


  1. Rise to Walking 45 Minutes a Day


Even if the standard says 30 minutes is good, the more the merrier! So increase your walking time. Brisk walking first thing in the morning is well known to be a great fat loss tool and has several overall health benefits… including mental health. You get more time for yourself to rethink goals, your aspirations, and analyze progress. You can even sharpen your mind listening to a good audio book on your morning walk!


In Conclusion


A good diet and fitness plan is great for losing excess holiday weight, but if you don’t practice important steps for managing a healthier lifestyle throughout the day, your results will be very minimal… to nothing. Include those steps above and you’ll be well on your way to a body you and everyone else will admire!


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