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#1 Reason You Can’t Stay Motivated To Lose Weight


Losing weight doesn’t come easy at all. It needs time and tons of patience. Most of all, it calls for the inner motivation to keep going regardless of any number of hurdles in your path.

Similar to a roller coaster, the motivation of any individual can be really high at times, while at others, it may dip as low as calling it quits.

Being motivated at all times, having the correct mindset, and having expectations in terms of results are necessary components to see progress. A lack of strongly driving motivation can often lead to a lack of commitment, and consequently, inconsistent effort.


The Dreadful Slow Progress


The major reason that prevents individuals on a weight loss journey from staying motivated, is slow progress.

For most, it’s an annoying and frustrating experience not getting the results they want extremely fast.

But just think about something for a moment:

How long did it really take you to put on the extra pounds? Was it just a week, a month or a year? Probably more than a year even. Then how do you expect drastic changes to appear in a week itself?

Having unrealistic expectations will do nothing but demotivate you. So you must understand that weight loss is a slow process. Wanting massive results in a single week is completely unrealistic.

It needs to be gradual in order to get the HEALTHY results you want. Else you will later put on weight faster than you lost it (better known as yo-yo weight loss). If that happens, not only are you harming your health, you are also making it even more difficult to stay motivated.

Additionally, every individual has a different body metabolism and, hence, time for losing weight differs. Comparing yourself to others and wondering why a certain weight loss oriented time frame or plan worked for them and not you, is not at all recommended.

Also, there are differences in lifestyles too (such as a very active job) that can make results faster for someone else than it does for you.


The Process is Always Gradual


Weight loss and getting the body of your dreams is not a happy walk on the beach. It is hard work. It requires you to change your diet, to consistently exercise, and change your lifestyle for a long time period, until you really get the desired results… and then maintain this new healthy lifestyle permanently.

You must not simply back off because you did not observe any change in a short time period. Realize that you are not making a kid’s science project that you can easily finish off with shortcuts and get done an hour earlier than it should regularly take.

Also, you must have an accepting attitude towards yourself. Stay positive and have faith in your ability and your hard work towards achieving your goal. One of the best ways is to write down your progress and stick it somewhere so you can see it most of the time. Even an accidental look will rejuvenate your motivation. 

The bottom line is that weight loss is a journey. Don’t focus on the end results, focus on the journey. Take it one day at a time and realize that even the smallest result… is STILL results! The key is to keep piling on those small results… and eventually you’ll reach your desired goal.


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