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Do you find it difficult to get motivated to exercise? Are you also finding it confusing on whether you should workout at home or at the gym? If this is the case, there is a high probability that you may be actually making 5 very critical mistakes that will surely will decrease your motivation, consistency, and willpower to stick with exercising.

Take some time out of your day to read what those 5 mistakes are down below… and what it is you can do to fix these mistakes with ease!

A.) You’re Going Above What You Are Capable Of Doing…

Most people have a tendency of avoiding the beginner workouts that are put in place for a reason.

That reason is to ensure that you get your body in the physical condition it needs to be in order to safely and effectively complete the more advanced routines that should be done later in a workout plan.

This skipping past the beginner routines is a HUGE mistake that will leave you injured, in pain, having a lack of motivation to continue working out, and so much more!

The best thing to do stop and prevent this mistake is an obvious solution.

Simply swallow your pride and take it easy!

Start off slow and start with the basic beginner exercises. Even if you have exercised before, if you have went more than a month without doing any type of fitness for example, it is extremely important that you get your body back in shape before you begin more advanced exercises (such as dead lifts, sprinting, high intensity interval cardio, etc.).

B.) Too Much Time Being Spent On Specific Areas…

When you exercise with the focus on losing weight, burning off fat, and getting in better shape, the primary focus should be placed on TOTAL body improvement. This means working your entire body. This DOES NOT mean focusing on just taking care of specific areas.

This is better known as isolation exercises.

Isolation exercises (i.e. bicep curls, leg extensions, etc.) are great to do at the end of a compound workout (which are workouts that work your larger muscle groups… such as bench press, push press, dead lifts, squats, etc.), and they are great to do if you are already in shape and you want to just get your muscles more defined.

But if you need to lose weight and fat, and you are spending too much time doing isolation exercises, you are not going to see the results you hoped for. Focus more on compound movements and save the isolation routines at the end of your workout to help stimulate your muscle growth.

C.) You’re Exercising The Wrong Way…

This of course is a very serious issue. Doing an exercise the wrong way will lead to serious pain and serious injury. If you of course end up injured or suffering from some serious pain, then you’ll end up losing the willpower to continue working out!

The best solution to this problem is to spend a great deal of time learning how to do specific exercises with the proper form.

I can not stress this enough!

Many of the ideal workouts for burning off fat fast (such as squats, dead lifts, sprinting, and even jogging) can quickly cause problems for your body if you don’t have proper form.

Also, another key point to remember is that it is absolutely vital that you warm up prior to starting a workout and that you stretch your body after you have finished a workout. Doing both of these things will prevent injury, prevent excessive soreness, it will help your body recover quicker, and you’ll build muscle faster.

D.) You’re Exercising At An Inconvenient Time…

Of course, doing your workout at a time of day that makes it difficult for you will of course cause you to lose motivation. This could be because you have a busy lifestyle, you work strange hours, etc.

The best thing to do here is to take the time and figure out carefully what time of day will work best for you to exercise.

Is it first thing in the morning? Is it during your lunch break? Is it after dinner hours? Etc.

Also, if you have a busy lifestyle, and it is very difficult for you to get the gym, then you can certainly workout at home!

If you want to use equipment, there are plenty of quality exercise machines, free weights, benches, etc. that are pretty affordable (especially on Craigslist).

If you don’t want to spend the money on equipment, you can always do body weight workouts! Body weight exercise routines are highly effective, very fast, and needless to say… very convenient!

E.) You’re On An Ineffective Exercise Plan… For YOU…

Most people are susceptible to jumping on the bandwagon of a currently popular exercise program, top selling fitness machine, etc. Then, after spending their hard earned money getting excited to get started with said program, machine, etc., and then realize after a few days or a couple of weeks that those things were just not for you, there goes that excitement and motivation right out the window!

The best solution to this problem is twofold.

1.) First, determine what it is that YOU think you’ll be willing to commit to.

2.) Second, I recommend that you get started with something that is beginner friendly.

And there are plenty of things that you can do that will fit what I just mentioned.

Bottom line, being motivated, staying consistent, and exercising goes hand in hand. If you don’t have the motivation necessary, then chances are, you won’t stay consistent. Just as how it took a good amount of time of you eating the wrong foods and not exercising to get out of shape, it will take a good amount of time of you exercising and eating the right foods to get in shape.

Follow those solutions to those mistakes I talked about above, and you will certainly find yourself staying more motivated and more consistent to reach your fitness goals and your overall health goals!

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