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5 So-Called Healthy Foods You MUST Avoid


We eat many things thinking that they are beneficial for our health. But some “healthy foods” may actually do more harm than good.

The rule of thumb to remember with dieting is to do your homework. Obvious high nutritional foods such as dark green vegetables is something we all know without a doubt is very healthy for us. But, some foods labeled as “healthy” may in fact cause you more problems than the “unhealthier” version! Go figure!

Therefore, it’s important to do your homework and research foods that you are unsure about to see if they are actually healthy for you.

Below is a list of 5 healthy foods which I highly recommend you avoid or minimize significantly…


  1. Dried Fruits


We think that fruits and vegetables are healthy food. It is true, no doubt. But dried fruits like banana chips for example, are really not good for your health.

One bag of banana chips has about 10g of saturated fat and many calories (almost 150). Fresh bananas contain necessary mineral and vitamins that banana chips (dried bananas) do not have.

Dried fruits contain 3 times more calories than fresh ones. The fact that makes banana chips an “unhealthy food” is that they are made by deep frying. We all know that saturated fat boosts up cholesterol level which can cause heart disease and diabetes. Other dried fruits also do the same. They have artificial harmful preservatives to keep them preserved for a longer period of time.

To get the maximum advantage without any damage, fruits should be consumed as small fruit salads or small individual amounts, in raw form.

Keep in mind that although fruits are healthy, they are still high in simple sugar.


  1. Fat Free Flavored Yogurt


Do you really think manufacturers add fresh fruits in fat free flavored yogurt? The answer is completely NO!

They add fruit purees, artificial colors and other artificial ingredients. The high content of sugar in fruit puree causes obesity and increases triglyceride and cholesterol levels in the body. 

What I recommend instead is plain fat free yogurt, and add in your own fresh fruit (such as berries, bananas, etc.), perhaps some Stevia for sweetening, and you can even add natural granola for a delicious, crunchy, and healthy treat!


  1. Fruit Juices


Fruit juices are considered to be healthy, but if you are taking them in abundance, they are harmful. Many store bought juices are labeled as “100% pure”, but the reality is opposite. These pasteurized fruit juices are extremely high in sugar and calories.

One of the main causes of overweight problems in children is drinking fruit juices on a regular basis. Daily consumption can also reduce the hardness of tooth enamel.

I recommend making fresh homemade juices (such as squeezed orange juice, blended berry mix juice, etc.). There will obviously be no added ingredients, it’s fresh, and way more healthier for you.

Just remember, as I said above about fruit and sugar, the same applies to fresh fruit juice as well. So have it in moderation (such as a small glass of fresh orange juice in the morning and a fresh juice mix before a workout for added energy, for example).


  1. Tuna Sushi


Tuna Sushi is extremely dangerous when it comes to your health. People consume it thinking that it is low in fat and calories, which is true – but it is doing harm to your body in many other ways.

Do you often go to your favorite restaurant to eat tasty Tuna Sushi? I highly recommend you avoid it, because tuna served in most of these places have a high level of toxic mercury which can result in sleep deprivation, poor memory, high BP, hair loss, anxiety, heart attack risk, and weakness. In pregnant women, it can cause disabilities in a newborn. So be alert. Prepare it at your home yourself and reduce its consumption.


  1. Wheat Bread


Wheat bread is not as nutritional as you may think. Nutritionists are now recommending replacing wheat bread with whole grains. The wrong type of wheat bread can stimulate your blood sugar level, take away essential nutrients from the body, and it can even cause arthritis!

I recommend opting for sprouted whole grain breads.


The bottom line here is to always research the foods you want to include in your diet, and don’t fall for the “healthy labels” you find at your grocery store. Manufacturers are very clever with labeling, and it will pay off greatly for you health wise and financially to know the truth about what truly is healthy, and what isn’t.


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